Skin Releaf is the only tele-dermatology platform for people of color. As a person of color, it is difficult to find proficient dermatologists that are knowledgeable on their skin type and find comprehensive skin care education to treat their conditions.

Additionally, medical literature, online, and other tele-dermatology platforms lack images of skin conditions on dark skin. Skin Releaf solves this problem by providing a platform where people of color can connect with dermatologists virtually, have virtual consultations, and track the changes in their skin.

Additionally, members on the platform can get access to education on thousands of skin conditions, treatments, and products because Skin Releaf provides images on thousands of skin conditions that patients can match their condition to. The dermatologists that are connected on this website are knowledgeable and experienced in treating patients of color.

Camile Delva


Karina Paez-Rojas


Marvel Delva

UI/UX Designer