A digital mental health app with culture-specific interactive cognitive-based tools used to help reorient thinking and used to increase access to nonprescription virtual mental health care and provide clients with the ability to engage with pre- recorded modules for the top five mental health conditions that affect immigrant communities in the US and UK, and victims of gender-based violence in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda where our respective partners and collaborators are.

Through a leading-edge cognitive behavioral therapy delivery model, Sproutly uses short-term, goal-oriented evidence-based methods that focus on solving problems and building skills to identify unhelpful thinking, modify beliefs and change behaviors in victims of gender-based violence and traumatic experiences.

Chinonye Donna Egbulem

Founder & CEO

Raphael Jimenez

Business Development & Innovation Intern

Justice Yoo

Business Development & Innovation Intern

Rachel Crawford

Mental Health Consultant