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”We launched Firefly Innovations to help change makers – from the community and the classroom – harness the tools they need to create and implement more robust, scalable, socially equitable public health solutions. Because when it comes to helping people, good ideas aren’t enough.

Terry Huang

Founder, Firefly Innovations

Why we need public health entrepreneurship today

The heavy toll COVID-19 has taken on the world’s most vulnerable populations underscores the urgent need for more forward-thinking, equitable, and scalable public health solutions.


To create the healthier, more sustainable world we all want, we need to be bold. We need public health entrepreneurship.

What we do

Are you a public health entrepreneur with a breakthrough public health solution that promises to help those who need it most? Firefly is here to help.


Our programs are designed to provide public health entrepreneurs with mentorship, education, exposure, and opportunities to forge partnerships. We also help bridge the divide between public health entrepreneurs and investors on the hunt for transformative solutions.

Our Values


Bringing public health innovation to the communities that need it most


Shaping more robust, resilient, and equitable public health systems


Forging partnerships across disciplines and borders to create scalable, science-backed public health strategies

Meet Our Team

Terry Huang, PhD, MPH, MBA


Alessandro Ciari, MPH

Head of Growth & Partnerships

Lisa Hitch, MPH (c)

Community Manager

Madison Houser

Social Media Coordinator

Orli Van Mourik

Sr. Content Dev. Consultant

Fabio Cordeiro

Digital Product Specialist


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