• Breaking down barriers between public health, business, and tech
  • Fostering and scaling up innovation
  • Amplifying social impact and value

At Firefly Innovations, we believe health is a human right.


We are a global ecosystem of public health entrepreneurs, experts, and investors who work together to foster, fund, and scale practical and impactful solutions.


Our goal: bring public health to the people.

Are you a public health entrepreneur?

We see interdisciplinary problem solving and innovation as the keys to achieving a healthier and more equitable future.

At Firefly Innovations, we connect public health experts, community activists, and tech innovators committed to creating actionable solutions that drive change.

Partnering for a healthier world

Our partners work with us to:

  • Mentor and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Accelerate the progress of game-changing public health solutions
  • Advance the development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Amplify their organization’s social impact
Ventures at Firefly Innovations
Austin Serio Founder, Shocktalk

“In an era of renewed global inequality, public health entrepreneurship represents a systemic opening to empower communities that have been intentionally left behind.”

Theo Jaeho Goettman Founder, Basil Labs

“One of the biggest spaces entrepreneurs can fill in public health is helping researchers tell richer and more nuanced data-driven stories about the communities they serve.”

Chinonye Donna Egbulem Sproutly, Founder

“A public health entrepreneur identifies gaps within health systems and develops effective, financially-sustainable, and scalable solutions rooted in health promotion, disease prevention, and the social determinants of health.

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